Hotel Fox, 61 rooms, 21 artists

The concept of this hotel is that each room is designed by an artist from the fields of graphic design, urban art or illustration. Located in Copenhagen, Hotel Fox provides a very special night in an artist universe.
Le concept de cet hôtel est que chaque chambre est conçue par un artiste appartenant au domaine du design graphique, de l'art urbain ou de l'illustration. Situé à Copenhague, l'hôtel Fox propose une nuit très spéciale dans l'univers d'un artiste.

Room 115. Imataca by Masa

The design of Masa, a Venezuelan "writer", art director and graphic designer, is like a rain forest surrounding the room and bringing its freshness and freedom.
Cover of LP Sleeve
Illustration for GQ Magazine italy

photos Masa
Room 302. Harmony’s Helm by Friends With You 
Meeting with the strange world
of Friends With You (USA),
making videos, installations,
paintings and animation films :
Dream Maker installation at the IMA Indianapolis Museum of Art
Wish Come True, Wishing Toys
photos Friends With You

Room 502. Hearts – The Royal Wedding by Container PLUS

The 4 rooms created by Container (UK) are based on the four suites in a pack of cards. This hearts room is dedicated to provide an unique romantic night and naturrally denotes an Honeymoon Suit.
the evil twins : a haunted
house, installation
installation for the show
Make Me A Supermodel
Room 217. King's Forest by Brigit Amadori
A magical room which responds to the fairytail world that the German Brigit Amadori developed in her illustrations.
Une chambre sous le signe de la magie, reflet du monde féérique que l'Allemande Brigit Amadori a développé dans ses illustrations.

1 Hanafuda : Maple/Momiji
2 Celestial Beings : downfall
3 Europa : England
, seahorse and rose

photos Birgit Amadori

All the rooms and more on the site Hotel Fox,
especialy a very interesting movie, even a bit long, about the progress of the whole project.
via hotels insolites

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